Loan for surgeries and health services: what is the best option?

According to research, in the country is the second country that most performs plastic surgery in the world, behind only the United States. This is just a fact that shows how high the volume of surgeries and health procedures are in the country.

Are you among the netizens who intend to use any health service soon? Know that although many of the procedures are expensive, it is possible to borrow for surgery! So, let’s find out some lines of credit ahead and understand what is the best option for you!

Personal loan

Personal loan

The personal loan stands out for its ease of contracting. Just choose a reliable financial institution, inform the amount and wait for the credit analysis (which is usually very agile). If approved, the release of the money is also quick. In many cases, all of this can be done online .

This is not a specific line of loans for surgery and health services, but since the money does not have a predefined destination, you can use it for this purpose.

Interest rates vary for each financial institution and its credit profile. Unlike payroll loans , in the personal loan, the discharge does not happen directly on your payroll, but via bank payment slip or account debit.

Saw? There is no need to wait that long to perform your surgical procedure or hire health services. There are several lines of credit that can serve this purpose. Take advantage of having the money on hand to negotiate a discount with the hospital or clinic.

Finally, remember: choosing a good surgery loan is not enough. A reliable professional to perform the procedure is essential, after all, does health play, combined?

Payroll loan

Payroll loan

This type of credit stands out for its low interest rate compared to other options in the market. This is because the installments are deducted directly from the borrower’s payroll, avoiding default and substantially reducing the risks for borrowers.

For this reason, the payroll is one of the best loan lines for surgery and other health services. It also facilitates your control over the personal budget, since the salary is already paid with the discount.

There are offers on the market both for employees of private companies and for civil servants, retirees and pensioners.

Specific loan lines for plastic surgery

Specific loan lines for plastic surgery

Some financial institutions offer credit lines specifically aimed at performing plastic surgeries, in the Direct Credit Account (CDC) modality. Usually, in these cases, the full value of the procedure is not financed, but a percentage that is around 70%.

The step by step to hire this credit line promises to be less bureaucratic and the installments reduced. In general, institutions request identification documents, proof of residence and the budget made by the clinic or hospital.

Service Consortium

The consortium is basically a union of people who have a common goal. If you are not in such a hurry to perform an aesthetic procedure, for example, a good option is to hire a service consortium . This type of financial product has a term of 12 to 36 months.

It works like this: you pay monthly installments and, periodically, the administrator carries out a drawing. If you are contemplated, you will be able to enjoy the value of the consortium at that time and will continue to pay the installments.

The consortium’s main advantage is the absence of interest rates. In addition, the use of credit can be anticipated by bidding. If your offer is the winner, you will enjoy the value of the consortium and the value of the bid will be used to reduce the installments

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